Unagi! ~ Cruise-blog, no.1

Being a fan is… i dunno, it’s like “unagi”. It’s not something you are, it’s something you have! A feeling from deep down inside. Like a state of mind that is only understand by other fans.

Last week the 3rd annual Backstreet Boys-cruise was thé happening in the land of Backstreet. Approximately 2000 fans were lucky enough to be a part of that. I was one of them. AAAAH! First time cruiser! And seriously, I’ve been back home since Tuesday-evening and i’m still not able to find the right words…. Or words period, to describe how it was. To describe what we did. To tell what we’ve seen. To mention when and how many times we met them. That, and much more. However, in the next few days I am going to try to share some of our cruise-stories. I have no idea yet what I will or won’t tell, bu I’ll just let the words flow out ;-).

Note: if there are people out there, who don’t grant others besides themselves, to have fun and joy with the Backstreet Boys, then please don’t read or comment on my blog. I’m just writing this blog to share the fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ok, so the adventure for me started last week Tuesday, 22nd of October 2013. I can NOT believe this is already been 11 days ago. It feels like freaking yesterday. But on the other hand, the scary part is: so much has happend since that specific Tuesday, that by heart; it feels like a year ago. I left my 2 wonderful daughters and my husband at home. Which was ok! I mean: my daughters did want to come with me (they’re 6 & 2 years old, little fans-to-be), but the hubby… haha, he wouldn’t even want to be seen dead on that cruise-ship, let alone have fun on it :-P. So, I left those sweeties at home. Yes, for once, mommy was gonna have a week of fun withóut them ;-). I headed to Amsterdam, where my two friends live, with whom I was going. I arrived and we had champagne to celebrate the start of this huge trip we were going to experience. Gosh, we were actually going to do this! One word: EPIC! (in the meaning of super awesome ;-))

BackstreetCruise2013=) 007

On Wednesday-morning véry early, we left for the airport. When traveling that far, I always wonder during every second of the entire trip to the airport: “Ok, so what did I forget?”. Luckily nothing. Or at least, nothing important. We first flew to New York, it was an 9 hour flight. Call me crazy, but I even enjoyed the flight. The food was eatable (it all stayed inside :-P), the wine on the airplane was drinkable (because yes; ofcourse we had some) and we all had our own private tv! What was there nót to enjoy ?! After our transfer in New York, we flew to Miami. In the airplane we sat behind another Backstreet-fan; with love from Russia. All of our cellphones were dead in the plane, except for hers! Ok, good for her! But because of that, she saw that AJ placed a tweet saying something like: “Leaving Los Angeles to Miami”….. What we considered code-language for: ‘Dear fans, come and pick me up from the airport in Miami, I’ll be expecting you!’. LOL! So what we did, was look for information regarding all flights from Los Angeles leaving to Miami, that afternoon. And what’dya know…. There was an airplane from LA arriving, not even an hour after our flight. Ok, so we waited. And we waited. And we…. AH! Look at that…. AJ & Kevin….

BackstreetCruise2013=) 022

foto (10)

Now that is what I call, a very good start of our Backstreet-vacation ;-).

After we were done shaking our asses off, we went to our hotel The Marriott, which was nearby the port of Miami Cruise-Terminal, where the ship would set sail two days later. It was a véry nice hotel. And ok, you’re not much in your hotelroom when you’re in Miami, but still, the room ánd the view were amazing!

BackstreetCruise2013=) 029

Later that evening we had some cocktails. All the right reasons to have a toast: we arrived safely, we already met Kevin & AJ, our hotel was beautiful ánd we were setting sail in only two days. WHOOOP! Didn’t suck to be us! After our cocktails we headed to bed. We were so tired and only god knew at that point how little sleep we were gonna get in the days after that :-P.

On Thursday we had a nice and proper breakfast in the Marriott. During breakfast we discovered a picture on twitter that a fan made of Brian and Leighanne on an aiport. So we were like; ‘Did they already arrive?’. After doing some “homework” we came to realise that the photo wasn’t at Miami-airport, but it wás at Atlanta airport. Well gosh darn! Our thoughts were the same: let’s pick them up when they arrive here too =). Our friends from Holland helped us out by checking several flights, coming from Atlanta. There were coming quite a few, and all with different exits in Miami, but hey, it was worth the try… let’s go!

“So Eveline, what did you see when visiting Miami?” “Uhm… well dad… the airport!” 😛

And BAM… we were lucky again….

BackstreetCruise2013=) 062

BackstreetCruise2013=) 061

BackstreetCruise2013=) 071

(Funny photo with Brian)

And ok ok…we have to admit… we missed Nick at the airport. He arrived like an hour befóre we arrived. But comon, we were having breakfast at that time. I mean… we need food as well, to keep up this fan-life ;-).

We went outside the airport to have a smoke (and I don’t even normally smoke, but during tours or other Backstreet-related stuff… I smoke… A LOT! :-P). We were looking at our pictures and came to realise we weren’t even in Miami for 24 hours and already had some kick-ass photos. How cool was that! Ship hadn’t even set sail and we already had a blast.

Later that day we did some touristy-stuff. We wanted to show home that we didn’t just see the airport while we were there. No, my sweet family and friends: we also visited Coconut Grove. HA!! And shopped at Victoria’s Secret. And sended some postcards out (which all still didn’t make it to Holland by the way). So…. We díd do normal tourist-stuff as well ;-).

We had something to eat in the evening and visited some other hotels as well (can’t harm to check some stuff out ;-)).

BackstreetCruise2013=) 084

Ok, wow, more than 1100 words already and I didn’t even came to  the first cruise-day yet! Lol! I think this was all for today. Log in for another cruise-blog somewhere in the next few days! See ya!!!!

BackstreetCruise2013=) 088

© Eveline – November 2013

8 thoughts on “Unagi! ~ Cruise-blog, no.1

  1. Tof om te lezen! 🙂 Tegen het eind van je verhalen begrijp ik het ‘fan-zijn’ misschien beter. Ben al nieuwsgierig naar de rest van je verhalen! Nice!!!

  2. Hahahahahaha, ik vond mijn vlucht naar NY ook geweldig :-),….super dat je deze ervaring zo geweldig hebt beleefd,…en zoveel genoten hebt!!!

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