Challenge accepted! ~ Cruise blog, no.2

Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah, we went to sleep on Thursday-night, not knowing that that would be our last proper night of sleep for 4 days in a row ;-).

On Friday-morning we got our stuff together and checked out of the Marriott, ready to leave for the big boat. Around noon we arrived at the cruise-terminal and left our suitcases there where we were told to, and then started checking in. Checking in for real! ‘OMG‘, was the only thing we could think of, during the whole checking-in process.

Oh no wait, there were some other thoughts too:

‘WTF, wtf, wtf, wtf!’

‘Is everybody kidding me, or is this for real?’

‘Am I dreaming?’

‘Is that girl aware of the fact that her boobs are completely hanging out and that they’re almost touching the ground as if they want to break free and start walking for themselves?!?!’


We got our sail&sign-card (which was also your room-key) and entered the ship!!! WOWIE, we were there!!!! We…. Were…. There!!!!!!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!

BackstreetCruise2013=) 097

Our suitcases were brought to our room somewhere during the afternoon, so we decided to explore the ship. But so did 1997 other fans, but whatever ;-). We drank our first cocktail (of mány to follow), and we did it in style;

BackstreetCruise2013=) 101

After drinking that, we soon got the message that the boys entered the ship as well. IIIEEEHHH! Nice! Strangly enough we didn’t feel the urge to try and find them right away…. I know; what the hell was wrong with us?! (oeh, don’t open that door :-P). However, shortly after that we got the message that Nick was eating on deck at the very front of the ship (or at the very back, seriously…. I don’t know; I’ve been on that ship for 4 days, and still was completely lost whenever I wasn’t near my own cabin). Anyway: so, we knew where Nick was. One problem: we were nót , where he was. We met some nice girls we know and they said to us: “Yeah, Nick is over there, but you will never be able to get to him properly, it’s very crowded and you’ll never reach him”.

Ok, that was clear! We would never get to him at that point, according to our friends. And they must have seen it for themselves, right?! However, it did not matter, all I could think was:

Challenge…. Accepted! 😉

Ok, and folks, I don’t wanna make a big deal out of this or anything, but seriously…. 4,5 minutes after the “you will never get to him”-message, the next picture of me and Nick was taken:


(Picture taken with my friend’s camera)

Nice, ain’t it?! 😉 A strange feeling of proudness came upon me. And basically; that’s só pathetic! 😛 And completely idiot, because: hellooooo… what’s the big fuss? I hate to break this news and burst the bubble, but I just gótta tell you…. The Backstreet Boys…. Are human!!!!! I know, it’s mindblowing!!! 😉 (LOL) I was just as shocked as you, when I realised that 15 years ago! Because when I was 12, 13 or 14, I didn’t see them as people. I saw them as…I dunno, like; gods, who did not have a life outside the stage. As a matter of fact, I didn’t see them as living human beings at all outside the venue. Period! But in 1998 / 1999 I started to meet them outside the venues as well, and suddenly came to realise: Shit…. They’re people! Like me! Like you! With feelings! And thoughts! And they have flaws! And they fight! And fart! Real normal people….. People who wipe their asses after number 2! (Or at least, I hope so… If they don’t, I don’t wanna know! :-P).

Uhm…. ok, awkward…. what brought me to this point again?

Oh yeah, meeting Nick! Cool! I like him!

BackstreetCruise2013=) 127

BackstreetCruise2013=) 128

And met Howie as well not long after that….

BackstreetCruise2013=) 134

Later on we went to the deck where the Sail-Away-party would be. But first, there was the boring safety-drill where everybody had to be a part of. NOBODY wanted too, and NOBODY heard the guy talking. Or at least, we all heard him talking, but the words didn’t stick in the brain… all we thought was: ‘Backstreet Boys, Backstreet Boys, Backstreet Boys!’. After a long wait (which we’re familiar with in Backstreet-land, so no big deal) the sail-away party began… YAY!!!!

BackstreetCruise2013=) 156

BackstreetCruise2013=) 180

It was áwesome to be a part of that!!! They rocked the stage and OMG, they looked só very hot in those captain-outfits. I felt like 16 again; hormones screaming through every inch of my body! LOOOL! Halfway of the sail-away party I realised why they called it the sail-away party…. ‘cuz yes, suddenly we were actually sailing… away from Miami! Bahama’s; here we come!

When the party was over we went to our room. Our suitcases weren’t brought to our cabin yet, so we couldn’t change clothes at that time, but we did get to see our cabin and it was nice =). We had something to eat and during dinner I realised… that I experienced a bit of motion-sickness. CRAP! Everything stayed inside ‘tho, but it wasn’t nice, i can tell you that! Luckily during the evening it got better and the motion-sickness didn’t return during the rest of the cruise. Yay for me!

After dinner we, (group A), all gathered in the concert-hall for a game with the boys, called: “Are you smarter than a Backstreet Boy?”. So cool. A group of 2 x 5 girls were picked out, to intent the game with them. Questions were asked and whoever gave the correct answer got points. Ah, you know; you sort of had to be there, to really get how much fun it was 😛

BackstreetCruise2013=) 214

We also got to meet Kevin again, after the quiz =)

BackstreetCruise2013=) 230

Later that evening it was time for the first theme-night: NEON-party!

BackstreetCruise2013=) 234

And that party kicked ass!!!! We had so much fun! =) And while partying, my friend suddenly poked me and said: “AJ, AJ, there…. AJ is standing next to us. Turn around!”

Well, hello to you too! 😀

BackstreetCruise2013=) 241

BackstreetCruise2013=) 242 (2)

(Picture taken with my friend’s camera)

The evening was a complete blast!!!! Somewhere during the evening we met Howie again as well. Flash didn’t went off… I blame the security-guy! 😛 And we also partied with Kevin for a short while.

BackstreetCruise2013=) 250

BackstreetCruise2013=) 251

(picture taken with my friend’s camera)

We went to bed around 4.30 am, completely wasted. Haha! And little did we know that there was só much more to come =). Ieeeehhh…. In what dimension did we end up, for crying out loud? 😛

To be continued…. 😉

© Eveline – November 2013

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