Fallen angels ~ Cruise blog, no.3

Been in such a constant Backstreet-flow for the last few weeks, that I haven’t found the time to continue writing on my cruise-experiences. It has occurred just recently that I’ve landed with both feet on the ground again, back into the normal world. Or at least; normal in the way I know as normal ;-). The cruise has only been 3 weeks ago, but it seems like áges. Time for cruise blog, number 3.

Ok, so… we had an amazing first day on the boat. We went to bed wáy to late and got up wáy to early; 3 hours of sleep. Woke up dead! But we were good, we were good ;-). Had a nice breakfast en got ready for the Bahama’s. OH YEAH INDEED! We had sailed all night and would arrive to the Bahama’s soon. We got ready and we were actually one of the first to get off the ship and enter the little boat that would get us to one of the Islands. So, off we went…

BackstreetCruise2013=) 283

Really, we were só excited. I mean, comon: how often do you visit the Bahama’s ánd visit the Bahama’s while the Backstreet Boys will be there too. That never happens! Except, when you’re on Backstreet-cruise ;-).

Nice to know that I already managed to accomplish one thing of my recently made bucket-list: Set foot on the Bahama’s;

BackstreetCruise2013=) 299

We arrived @ Half Moon Cay, around noon I think. WOW! The water is actually as clear as you see on all the photo’s in magazines and on tv. It ís everything like that, and more! =) We walked at the beach and soon came to realise that they were setting up the stage and everything for the beach-party with the guys. We couldn’t get there completely, because security stopped us way before the stage, and we had to line up. Oh crap! Everybody knew that hell would break loose anytime soon. Fans are crazy! More and more fans lined up and I was seriously standing with one foot in front of me, waiting for ány signal that would say: ‘Run Eveline, run like the wind!!!’. Every fan wants to stand in front, that’s the way it is. And then…. someone farted and off we went; 2000 fans ran into the stage. God d*mn it… I’m 30 years old for crying out loud!!!! However, obviously I fought for my place in the crowd as well. Dúh! And we ended up right in front of the stage. It was perfect!

BackstreetCruise2013=) 311

The Backstreet Boys were the last ones to enter the Island. With a véry nice arrival, I must say. Anyways, it was such a fun afternoon, filled with games, songs, music, sun and lóts… of Backstreet! I mean: what more could I’ve wished for at that very moment? =)

At one point the Backstreet Boys were having a wet T-shirt contest and needed 5 girls to come up the stage. And MY FRIEND was one of those 5 girls. How amazingly cool is that?! 😀 She rocks!!!!

Some random shots of the Beachparty:

BackstreetCruise2013=) 341 BackstreetCruise2013=) 346 BackstreetCruise2013=) 370

After the beachparty we took the time to enjoy the beach itself and it’s surroundings. Nice :-D. The sign that is at the beginning of the beach, is there for a reason… ‘cuz nobody wants to leave 😉

BackstreetCruise2013=) 296

At the end of the afternoon it was time to head back to the big boat, and when we were back on the ship, we bumped into… uuhm… what’s his name again? 😉 Whaaaaaat a coincidence! 😛 You don’t make this stuff up!!!

BackstreetCruise2013=) 391

We took a nice cocktail after that, and before we knew it, it was diner-time. FOOOOOD!!!!!! We were starving, so food was necessary. We didn’t have much time, ‘cuz our group (group A) had the “In a world like this”- concert that evening. So we had to be on top of our games again around nine. Which we were and enjoyed an AMAZING concert. WOW! Ok, and I’m not just saying this because I’m a die hard-fan (for 18 years already) or because i have seen them live, like 50 times, but: The Backstreet Boys are réally good live in concert. They blow you away!

BackstreetCruise2013=) 418 BackstreetCruise2013=) 426 BackstreetCruise2013=) 434

After the concert we got ready for the next theme-party. Because yes: the day was nót over yet. This evening’s theme was Halloween. Allrighty then….. so we dressed up again…

BackstreetCruise2013=) 454

Ofcourse the boys were there too ánd dressed up as well. Such fun!

And seriously, we kept bumping into….. Exactly!!! 😀 And what was even more funny; there were seriously no other fans around at this point, at that specific part of the ship. None, what so ever! Really, we had a blast. Also thanks to Nick & Mike (security) =).

BackstreetCruise2013=) 469

Halloween-party was not over yet but we knew that Nick would go DJ-ing around 02.30 am on a different part of the boat. Ok then… follow the leader ;-). And so did mány other fans =).

BackstreetCruise2013=) 476 BackstreetCruise2013=) 480

Aaaaahhhh this was really nice. It was totally in the middle of the night, but everybody went crazy, like they haven’t been up for 20 hours in a row. LOL! Só cool!!!

After the DJ-Nick-Party we got back to the Halloween-party. Worked my way into the VIP deck, without a VIP wristband at that time! Still can’t believe that security-guy did nót pay attention. And with Backstreet Boys-fans, you álways gotta pay attention!!!!! 😛 Such a rookie-mistake, I’m sure the guy was new …..However, I didn’t care… I met Howie shortly after that, around 04.00 am;

BackstreetCruise2013=) 483

Annnnnyways…. me and the girls arrived back in our cabin around… shit i dunno…. around 5???

I honestly believe, that this day; saturday the 26th of October 2013 has been the most busy and (fun-) filled day I have éver had. I don’t think I will ever be able to put móre things in one day, than this day. My head touched the pillow and it took 2,5 seconds for me, to fall into a sleep-coma.

At 07.30 am the alarm clock woke us up again. Another day filled with fun!

WOW!!!! What a cruise! 😀

© Eveline – November 2013

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