Happy today, and hopefully tomorrow.

Wow. 2013 has (almost) come to it’s end. Like some others, I can also say it was a year full of extremes.

It was a beautiful year where I had the pleasure of enjoying my two wonderful daughters and my husband. Also my dad, other family and my family-in-law. A year where I was (and ám) grateful to have them all in my life. It was a year where I learned a lot, about myself and others. A year where I made lots of excellent decisions, but also mistakes, and learned from both. A year where I did something I never thought I ever would: go on Backstreet Boys-cruise to the Bahama’s. How awesome was that! It was also a year, where suddenly life happend when we were busy making other plans. A year where I once again realised how much I’m blessed with true and honest friends. And it was the first whole year of my life, where i wasn’t able to see or speak to my mother. D*mn it. I discovered that I found that very hard to deal with. Thought it would be easier. I thought time would heal it a bit faster. My mother died last year, and no day goes by without thinking of her. 2013 was also a year where illness to some friends became reality. I hate it. But I love the way positivity keeps them going. That’s beautiful.

I can’t help it wonder: why do wish eachother a happy new year, every year, but only @ 31st of december? Why don’t we wish eachother a happy day, every day? And hopefully, a happy tomorrow.

Live now. Enjoy now. Life is good, NOW. Look around. You don’t know if life is still good tomorrow. But, obviously: we assume it does ;-). And that is a good thing as well: hope! Faith! What would we do without it?!

I wish everybody a nice day, today! And hopefully a nice tomorrow. And the day after that, and after that, and after that…. etc.! So ok, yeah, basically the whole year. Well, there you go…. Just answered my own question.

Happy and Healthy New Year, to all of you!!!


© Eveline – December 2013

3 thoughts on “Happy today, and hopefully tomorrow.

  1. Hey Eveline,

    Jullie ook een gezond en warm 2014 toegewenst! Fijne jaarwisseling en zie je vast wel weer een x bij de BSB ;).
    Lees altijd met veel plezier je blogs en dat blijf ik in het nieuwe jaar ook doen!


    Gr’s xxx Ingrid

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