Do yóu remember that time…


Last night my husband came complaining to me. His exact words were:

“Holy cr*p, there are 8 pairs of your shoes standing at the back door!!!”

Me: “Yeah, so?”

Husband: “Hello….8 pairs of shoes, just lying around at the back door! Not to mention the enormous amount of shoes you still have upstairs!”

Me: “Yeah… brings me back to:…. ?”

Husband: “Woman! You have too many shoes!”

-Me lifting one eyebrow-

Ok, people, do yóu remember that time, where a woman had too many shoes? No??? EXACTLY!!! That’s because that’s NOT existent! 😛

My husband didn’t give a rats ass whether that was or wasn’t existent. He simply thinks I have too many shoes.

Oh well…. Guilty as charged I guess 😉

© Eveline – Januari 2014

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