Only the beginning!


Our youngest daughter is two years old. However, sometimes she thinks ánd acts as if she’s older. She truly is a little daredevil; not afraid of the world. “Come and get me!” seems to become her slogan.

Yesterday her grandfather (my dad) visited us and when he left, both of our daughters climbed on (and over) the couch to wave at him behind the livingroom-window. The youngest was standing on the window-sill.

When “waving-time” was over, the oldest carefully climbed down from the couch. The youngest, however, did not. Nope, she did not! She looked at me with a cheeky face, stretched out and ACTUALLY dove, YES… SHE DOVE…. head down, without hands first, from the couch. We all shivered. She fell, enormously hard on the floor…. got up…. shook her head, and literally laughed out loud, while she collected her toys to play further on.

Dear god, and she’ll turn 16 some day…. 😉

© Eveline – Januari 2014

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