You are remembered

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It has been a while since we saw eachother. A while since we talked. A while since we argued, agreed, laughed, cried.

As you probably somehow already know, I’m carrying my third child. Yes, almost 17 weeks already. Yesterday I was going through some photoalbums and I found this picture. You and I. And the first baby in the belly, who is turning seven this year. Seven years old! Gosh!

In this picture you weren’t sick. You were healthy, going to be a grandmother for the first time, in just a short while. Everything was new. And everything was okay.

The world was better off, because you were in it.

Seven years later I’m writing this message. Not sure why, because you are not going to read it. But maybe I’m not writing it for you, I’m writing it for me. Just to remind myself that I can write, or say anything I want to you. Whether or not it will reach you. You are here, if I want you to be.

Although we will not have this picture again, with the 3rd child coming up, I can assure you that this child will know who you were.

Who you are.

You are still here, because you are remembered.

© Eveline – Februari 2014

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