The grown-up era.

For the last 18 years I have been (and still am) a Backstreet Boys-fan, to the absolute fullest. And, to keep it in teenage-terms, my favourite one is Nick. And everytime I mention this to ánybody, I feel like a ridiculous 16-year-old-girl again, because it’s só childish to have a favourite band-member, when you’re 31! But who cares, no harm is done and it’s nice to have a favourite.

Today, my fauvorite one is getting married. AAAAHHH!!! And I’m not “aaaah”-ing because he’s getting married to the woman he loves (because I truly wish him all the best, him and his beautiful Lauren), but I’m “aaaaah”-ing… because I suddenly came in the knowledge that… WE’RE GETTING OLD!!!! Freaking all of us. In the old days, Nick was de baby of the group and later on, let me think… is casanova a proper word in this matter?! LOL j/k! In my dreams we dated like… A LOT! However, in real life I was always satisfied enough with a “Hello baby, long time no see, give me hug”, and after that, didn’t sleep for weeks and imagined how óur wedding would be one day. Só funny! 😀

Now we’re all grown ups. Grown up people with grown up lives. And our Baby-Backstreet-Boy is actually getting married today. It’s like… the end of an era! 😉 Beautiful era! And now another wonderful era is started.

You know people, that era; where we are all grown ups.

Well, there you go!

All the best for you guys, Nick & Lauren. Take care and love eachother to the maximum =).

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© Eveline – April 2014

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