When it feels right, it feels right.

Ok, I haven’t blogged in English for a little while now and one of my American-followers made a (positive :-D) remark about that. And she has a point. So… the first blog for this brand new month will be, in English ;-).

As most of you know, I’m about to pop. In only 3 days I will be exactly 9 months pregnant, with our 3rd child! Oh gosh. Pushing and screaming will follow, but I’m sure it will all be worthwhile again. I’m gonna rely on mother nature (and on myself… duuuh ;-)).

Anyways, it so happen to be, that the wedding-anniversary of me and my husband is also coming up next week. Both wedding-anniversary’s. You see; we got married two times…. That sounds weirder than it is ‘tho ;-). First time it was at city-hall, 6th of August 2007, when I was 8-months pregnant with our oldest daughter. We wanted to get married in the future anyway, and it felt like the right thing to do. Second time was 4th of August 2012. Not legally again, ‘cuz legally we were already married for several years, but this time we said our vows in front of our family and friends, including wearing the beautiful wedding-clothes, having an awesome weddingcake, big dinner and a hell of an amazing party afterwards.

Together now for 8,5 years and when I first got pregnant after only 1 year of being together, I just knew; no worries. It feels right! Just keep breathing.

Not that marriage and having a family is no hard work. Because it is!!! But last week, when I walked to the supermarket and completely out of nowhere and unexpected, I saw my husband in our car driving by. And I’m fully aware how corny this may and will sound, but a butterfly entered my big, big pregnant belly.

When it feels right, it feels right.

And since I’m almost positive we will not celebrate our anniversary(‘s) like we usually do (think we’re occupied with other stuff ;-)), I’m gonna take some time today for it and say to my husband;

Happy anniversary!!! 😀


© Eveline – August 2014

The grown-up era.

For the last 18 years I have been (and still am) a Backstreet Boys-fan, to the absolute fullest. And, to keep it in teenage-terms, my favourite one is Nick. And everytime I mention this to ánybody, I feel like a ridiculous 16-year-old-girl again, because it’s só childish to have a favourite band-member, when you’re 31! But who cares, no harm is done and it’s nice to have a favourite.

Today, my fauvorite one is getting married. AAAAHHH!!! And I’m not “aaaah”-ing because he’s getting married to the woman he loves (because I truly wish him all the best, him and his beautiful Lauren), but I’m “aaaaah”-ing… because I suddenly came in the knowledge that… WE’RE GETTING OLD!!!! Freaking all of us. In the old days, Nick was de baby of the group and later on, let me think… is casanova a proper word in this matter?! LOL j/k! In my dreams we dated like… A LOT! However, in real life I was always satisfied enough with a “Hello baby, long time no see, give me hug”, and after that, didn’t sleep for weeks and imagined how óur wedding would be one day. Só funny! 😀

Now we’re all grown ups. Grown up people with grown up lives. And our Baby-Backstreet-Boy is actually getting married today. It’s like… the end of an era! 😉 Beautiful era! And now another wonderful era is started.

You know people, that era; where we are all grown ups.

Well, there you go!

All the best for you guys, Nick & Lauren. Take care and love eachother to the maximum =).

foto (32)

© Eveline – April 2014

Guilty pleasure!

YES!!!! Also I (obviously) have a guilty pleasure. Actually people, I’ve got several ones ;-), but this is by far, one of my favourites. I don’t know whether it’s plain neurotic, crazy or just a weird habit, but…


foto (27)

Old books, new books, inside, outside… does NOT matter. Before I read a book, I nééd to smell it.

AAAAAH!!! So yeah, that’s my thingy…

I’m Eveline. “Hi Eveline, what’s your problem?”. I love to smell books! 😛

Now tell me… what is yóur guilty pleasure?

© Eveline – April 2014

Happy you exist!

Yes, I’m happy you exist.
And not only happy, also grateful.

You are there when I feel good,
You are there when I feel sad,
mad, cheerful, rested, tired.

It’s like you’re the continuous satisfying little light in the dark. Some people say that a little less of you would be better for everyone’s health, but I respectfully disagree, because basically; you rock!!!!

Yes, my dear cup of coffee, you are véry much appreciated, in any form or shape.

Thank you for everything, hope we can grow old together, my dear coffee & I ;-).


© Eveline – Maart 2014

You are remembered

foto (18)

It has been a while since we saw eachother. A while since we talked. A while since we argued, agreed, laughed, cried.

As you probably somehow already know, I’m carrying my third child. Yes, almost 17 weeks already. Yesterday I was going through some photoalbums and I found this picture. You and I. And the first baby in the belly, who is turning seven this year. Seven years old! Gosh!

In this picture you weren’t sick. You were healthy, going to be a grandmother for the first time, in just a short while. Everything was new. And everything was okay.

The world was better off, because you were in it.

Seven years later I’m writing this message. Not sure why, because you are not going to read it. But maybe I’m not writing it for you, I’m writing it for me. Just to remind myself that I can write, or say anything I want to you. Whether or not it will reach you. You are here, if I want you to be.

Although we will not have this picture again, with the 3rd child coming up, I can assure you that this child will know who you were.

Who you are.

You are still here, because you are remembered.

© Eveline – Februari 2014


Yesterday-afternoon our oldest daughter asked me if she could go outside to play with the neighbours-grandchildren who are here to visit and are about the same age as she is. I said it was okay and helped her in her coat and she put on her shoes. Her hair was áll over the place, so I said to her: “Sweety, let me brush your hair before you leave, it’s a mess!”. She looked at me and literally said: “Mom, why should I care? Bye now!!!” and ran outside.

She left, with her hair all over the place. And she didn’t care.

As I saw her running to the neighbours all I thought was: please, honey, stay this way for the next 80 years….

Beautiful, just as you are!


© Eveline – Februari 2014

Only the beginning!


Our youngest daughter is two years old. However, sometimes she thinks ánd acts as if she’s older. She truly is a little daredevil; not afraid of the world. “Come and get me!” seems to become her slogan.

Yesterday her grandfather (my dad) visited us and when he left, both of our daughters climbed on (and over) the couch to wave at him behind the livingroom-window. The youngest was standing on the window-sill.

When “waving-time” was over, the oldest carefully climbed down from the couch. The youngest, however, did not. Nope, she did not! She looked at me with a cheeky face, stretched out and ACTUALLY dove, YES… SHE DOVE…. head down, without hands first, from the couch. We all shivered. She fell, enormously hard on the floor…. got up…. shook her head, and literally laughed out loud, while she collected her toys to play further on.

Dear god, and she’ll turn 16 some day…. 😉

© Eveline – Januari 2014